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The 1st & Best Large Exercise Mat & Large Yoga Mat

  • The most hardcore workout mat ever invented
  • Don't extend beyond your mat
  • Gym flooring at home
  • Unique fabric finish provides excellent traction
  • Use the stretch mat for padding and the cardio mat as a bomb-proof surface
  • Perfect for couples' yoga
  • Cardio and stretch - the ultimate home based workout surfacing solution
  • Work Out with a partner

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Hamish Rennie

“I’m using the Square36 Cardio mat for P90X and it’s awesome. This thing is indestructible and it’s huge size is ideal, I never feel like any of my moves are restricted like I do with typical narrow workout mats. If you are doing P90x, Insanity or any workout dvd then this mat is essential. I also use the Yoga 3.0 mat under the Cardio mat for extra absorption. I use the Yoga 3.0 separately as well for the yoga dvd of P90x, and for sit ups where I need additional cushioning. So glad I bought this mat, I don’t know how I could have got through this workout regimen without it.”

~ Hamish Rennie:

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