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This page addresses frequently asked questions.  Please feel free to send us an email if you don’t see the answer to any questions you may have.

I am doing an intense cardio routine like Insanity, P90X, Rushfit, 30 Day Shred etc. Which mat would be best for such high intensity workouts?

Our CARDIO Exercise Mat is perfect for high intensity, vigorous workouts for use with any DVD workout program.  The Square36 CARDIO Exercise mat is made of durable rubber, and will stand up to any workout.


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I’m not sure which exercise mat to buy? What is the difference between the YOGA 3.0 Mat and the CARDIO Exercise Mat?

It just depends on what kind of exercises you are planning to use the mat for….

CARDIO Mat (Large Exercise Mat):  If you are interested in doing high intensity home-based cardio workouts with shoes (like P90X, Insanity, 30 Day Shred, Rushfit etc) our Square36 CARDIO mat is the mat for you! This Exercise mat is a 6’x6′, 1/8″ thick heavy duty rubber, weighing a whopping 40lb!!! It’s perfect for intense home-based cardio workouts and will take any and all the punishment you will put it through:)

YOGA 3.0 MAT (Large Yoga Mat): The Square36 YOGA 3.0 mat is specifically intended for yoga and stretching. Its soft, yet dense, 1/4″ thick foam surface makes it ideal for yoga and stretching and use without shoes. Our large yoga mat’s massive 6′ x 6′ size will never make you feel restricted by the yoga and stretching poses you do.  You will never feel restricted to the edges of a regular sized yoga mat.  Our YOGA 3.0 large yoga mat is not intended for intense cardio workouts nor use with shoes.

TOGETHER:  If you are interested in doing intense cardio workouts and want some extra cushioning, to further dampen noise and seek premium absorption for your joints, you can put our YOGA 3.0 large yoga mat under the CARDIO exercise mat for the ultimate workout surface!


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Will the Cardio Mat dampen noise between apartment or house floors?

Yes, the Square36 Cardio mat is made of dense rubber, so it will definitely absorb and dampen the noise between apartment or house floors.

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What are the benefits of using both the YOGA 3.0 large yoga mat and CARDIO exercise mats together?

If you are interested in doing intense Cardio workouts and want additional cushioning.  You can put our YOGA 3.0 large yoga mat under our Cardio exercise Mat and use it as an underlay for additional cushioning, to dampen noise and provide extra absorption for your joints.

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I am only interested in a mat for yoga, which mat should I buy?

Our Square36 YOGA 3.0 large yoga mat is perfect for yoga and stretching. It’s 6 mm thick, soft foam surface makes it ideal for yoga and stretching. For floor exercises this large yoga mat can also be folded in half for extra cushioning to use on hardwood floors, then unfolded to provide you with the stability you need for a regular yoga routine.

Our CARDIO Exercise Mat is a durable, rubber exercise mat and is not intended for yoga. The CARDIO Exercise mat may not provide you will enough cushioning for yoga, and it’s rough textured surface is great for traction for Cardio workouts but not ideal for yoga.

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My CARDIO Exercise mat has a rubber smell. How long will it take the smell to dissipate?

When you first unwrap the CARDIO Exercise Mat it will have a rubber smell. The smell of the mat is based on the freshly pressed rubber being packaged right after production. The process of producing the Cardio Mat is no different than that of gym flooring or children’s playground tiles. If the mat is left unrolled, the smell will dissipate within approximately 2 week.  If you can leave the mat unrolled in a covered area outside, this will speed up the process even further.


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How do I find out about your latest products and promotions?

Follow us on our Facebook page to find out about our newest products and promotions. Many new products are coming soon, so this is a great way to stay updated!  We also post links to great free exercise videos, exercise routines and health information.  Click the following link to check it out:  Square36 Facebook

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Which Side of the Square36 CARDIO Exercise Mat and YOGA 3.0 Large Yoga Mat do I use?

CARDIO Exercise MAT: Please use the side of the mat with the orange logo and the textured surface and place the smooth shiny side against the floor or if you are using the YOGA 3.0 mat as an underlay then this shiny side will go against the YOGA 3.0 large yoga mat.

YOGA 3.0: Please use the side of the yoga mat with the Square36 logo.

Photo of texture of big exercise mat by Square36

Topside of Square36, The Big Exercise Mat

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I am having problems placing my order, what should I do?

We apologize if you experience any issues when trying to place your order. Typically any issues arising tend to be browser related.

Currently we do not support the AOL or Google Chrome browser, however all others should work fine. If you’re having issues, try quitting your browser and restarting it (clear the ‘cookies’ as well before trying to place your order again – usually found under the preferences tab in your web browser).

You can also try placing your order on a different browser (ie: Safari, Explorer, Firefox) but if the problem persists, contact our customer service department and we will help process your order manually.

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What type of flooring do the mats work best on? Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate etc?

A flat, hard surface is the most ideal surface for either of our Square36 mats. The Cardio mat works great on carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, cork, cement or a rug. The CARDIO mat weights 40lbs and will not bunch or move on most carpets. Our YOGA 3.0 mat can be used on carpet as well, but it might migrate slightly, similar to other yoga mats, because of it’s light foam surface.

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Which Square36 Mat Can I Wear Shoes On?

If you are looking for a mat to do high intensity workout routines on, with shoes, Square36 CARDIO is the mat for you.  This mat is made of the most durable, rubber and will take any and all punishment you put it through:) The fabric surface will also provide you with the most unbelievable traction, so when you STOP, you STOP! No slipping around:)

Wearing shoes on our Square36 YOGA 3.0 mat will lead to wear and tear on your mat, just like a typical yoga mat. Our YOGA 3.0 mat is a yoga mat and is not intended for high intensity workouts or use with shoes.

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How should I store my Square36 mat?

Both of the Square36 mats should be kept in the rolled position or leave out flat in your designated workout area. Folding the mat will cause crease damage with the Cardio and YOGA 3.0 mats. Roll it up, toss it under the couch or in the corner!

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How long will it take to receive my Square36 mat?

Standard delivery can take up to one week from the time of order. Certain exceptions may apply such as Christmas time and promotional sales where delivery may take longer.

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Is Square36 available in other colors?

Both our Square36 CARDIO and YOGA 3.0 Mats are currently only available in black.

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What are the Dimensions of the CARDIO and YOGA 3.0 Mats?

YOGA 3.0 MAT: 6′ x 6′ (72″x72″) (36 square feet).   6 mm (1/4″) thick. 12 lbs. Made with non-toxic PER.

CARDIO MAT: 6′ x 6′ (72″x72″) (36 square feet). 3mm (1/8″) Thick. 40 lbs. Made with heavy duty rubber.


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How can I clean my CARDIO and/or YOGA 3.0 Mat?

Both mats can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth and warm soapy water (with mild dish soap).  Please use a product that does not contain bleach, as bleach may discolor the mats.

For the CARDIO mat you could also use a vacuum, broom and/or mop for a quick clean.

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What if I decide that my Square36 mat is not for me?

We uphold the integrity of our products and hope that you love our mats as much as we do!  Both our CARDIO and YOGA 3.0 mats come with a 60 day money-back guarantee, less original shipping….because we know you’ll love our mats:)

*Return shipping to our Washington state depot is the responsibility of the customer.

*Our YOGA 3.0 Mat is a yoga mat and is NOT intended for intense Cardio Workouts nor workouts with shoes: Damaged YOGA 3.0 mats from cardio workouts will void the 60-day money-back guarantee and cannot be returned, as this mat is NOT intended for cardio workouts.

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Do You Ship Outside The USA?

Through our website our mats ship within the USA and Canada. Just enter the country when you go through our checkout. However, our mats are also available in Europe, please contact us for information on our European distributors.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Your transaction will appear as “Xystems Ltd.” on your credit card statement. If you are having trouble, please contact info@square36.com. Please note that our website currently does not support Google Chrome or the AOL browser, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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If I live outside of the USA and have a mat forwarded to me by a third party shipping agency is the return policy still valid?

Yes, our 60 money back guarantee still applies if the mat is shipped outside of the USA by a third party shipping agency. However, we are not responsible for lost or damaged items that are forwarded by third party shipping agencies outside of the USA. Return shipping of the product is at the cost and responsibility of the customer.


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